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Career planning and making your career choice is one of the most important decisions a person will make. Unfortunately, many people make career choices without much career planning, even after they have been in the labor force for awhile. The importance of career planning also holds true for students who are choosing a college and ultimately choosing their major.

There is help in receiving career guidance and career planning. One of the very best ways to begin is by taking an online career interest inventory. There is no need to leave career guidance and career planning to chance. The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory® is an excellent, effective and low cost way to identify your interests. You can also walk through a basic 3 step exercise on how to choose a career to help you identify your career interests and to get you started with your career planning.

Career Planning and the Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory

Taking an online interest inventory is only the beginning of career planning and career guidance, but a very important first step. With information about your career interests through this online career assessment, you can now explore a wide range of career options. The career focus is on you.

With information about your interests, you can develop a career plan. We suggest you involve others in your journey and tap into other career planning resources as you move forward. Career guidance and planning is a lifelong process. By starting with an awareness of your personal interests, you can adjust your plan accordingly.

It's time to get started on your career planning and career choice path ............

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