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Career Transition

by Gary Anderson, former college Career Center Director and high school career choice advisor

Many people are finding themselves in the middle of a career transition and they are looking for assistance in finding their next career option that can match their vocational interests.

This online interest inventory can assist those workers in a career transition apply a more focused search during their career change. The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory (CLII) is a state-of-the-art online career interest inventory that assesses the career interests of individuals and compares them to the interest profiles of various career fields. Respondents indicate the extent to which they enjoy performing a wide range of activities. Individuals have a high likelihood of being satisfied in a career field if their interest scores are high in that CLII career field.

Career Interests Inventories Aren't Just for Students

Job satisfaction and success can be maximized by matching your interests to your next career during this career transition. The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory (CLII) can assist those in their career transition by reflecting the full range of careers in the current job market.

After you've completed the CLII interest inventory you will instantly receive your report on-line which includes a list of occupations for your top 6 areas of interest.

Don't Miss This Opportunity to Have a Successful Career Transition

The CLII online interest inventory is also available for you to take any time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during your career transition. No need to set an appointment. Just order online and take the online inventory whenever you are available. Make sure to give yourself about 1 hour to complete the CLII online interest inventory.

And the CLII career assessment is only $19.95 and available to take online now.


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