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skill and interest survey
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Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory

Helping You Choose a Career Direction

It simply doesn't matter where you are in your career journey. Help is available to assist you in choosing a career direction that can be fulfilling, challenging and satisfying.

You may be a student thinking about a college major, or a mid-life career changer looking for work during your career transition that will allow you to express your interests. Perhaps you have been displaced and now is the time to look for a Career Liftoff Interest Inventory - interest survey new that will really give you personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Wherever you are in your journey, the Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory can help!

Once you've taken the CLII interest assessment survey, you will have a foundation to explore jobs that fit you! This interest inventory is much like having a compass if you are lost in the woods. It can help you find the right direction but that's just the beginning. Once you have a direction you can begin to look at other variables such as your values, motivation, skills, etc. BUT first you must get out of the woods....

After you've completed the CLII interest inventory you will immediately receive your report on-line which includes a list of occupations for your top 6 areas of interest. The narrative report contains new and emerging occupations and can set you on the path for a new future....

It's time to get started with the Career Liftoff Interest Inventory ............

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