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CLII Interest Inventory Key Features

The CLII has these key features:

  • Easy to complete.  With 240 items, the questionnaire can be completed on-line in 30 minutes or less.
  • Applicable to Today's Job Market.  It reflects the full range of careers in the current job market. Career Liftoff - Interest Inventory
  • Scores on the six RAISEC occupational themes.  Scores are provided on the six occupational themes of John L. Holland's Theory of Careers.
  • Scores on 30 career fields.  Scores are also provided on 30 career fields that comprehensively reflect the world of work.
  • Appropriate for a Diverse Range of Individuals.  The questionnaire may be used by a wide range of individuals including students, highly seasoned professionals, pre-retirement planning, and much more.
  • Assesses what activities people best relate to.  Respondents indicate their preference for doing activities.
  • Reliable scale scores.  The scales represent the highest degree of reliability.
  • Profile Report.  Easy-to-interpret Profile Report and Narrative Report display the individual's scores on the six RAISEC scales and the 30 career fields.
  • Assist in a Career Transition.  The CLII can also assist those in the midst of a career transition identify potential employment fields of interest.

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