Award Winning

  • We are now living in a much different world than our parents were facing when they were our age. With over 8 billion people on this planet and with the United Nations predicting at least 3 Billion more. By 2050 the population of Earth will have tripled over the last 100 years.
  • More transportation, more housing will have to be built. There will have to be more education, more entertainment, more food grown, more energy development and we must learn to share our resources more carefully and fairly.
  • • With these great challengers, there will also be many great new opportunities for new and good occupational opportunities, many which likely did not exist before.

  • The world of work is ever changing and now changing more rapidly than ever due to numerous development of new technologies such as the PC computer, the World-Wide Internet, cell and WiFi systems, Cad/Cam engineering and manufacturing, robotic manufacturing, 3D spraying of all sorts of compounds including plastics, concrete and now even metals from various plasma-based systems. Some of these new occupations have very substantial pay and benefits along with a very bright future.
  • When doing career planning or making a career choice, it is helpful to gather information about your own specific vocational interests and examine the US Government databases on the specific good occupation choices that exist and what the future projections are for their growth.
  • Plugging in your own specific vocational interest patterns to the US Government comprehensive occupational databases, O*NET and YOURNEXTMOVE, can help provide helpful information in planning a satisfying career path and sorting through the massive complexity of so many different occupations out there now.