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A Guidance Tool for Students

The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory can assist educational institutions key assistance in providing important information for students about their vocational interest patterns compared to thousands of others.

As High School students approach graduation and begin considering what’s next, college or immediately entering the full-time world of work they face difficult choices: college, junior college, vocational school, entering a trade, or directly or entering the full-time work force.

Or those that seek to enter a two-year or a four-year college educational program, these individuals are faced with the same questions: what type of occupation would be most satisfied in and be able to succeed in?

Research over many years has shown that the more information one gains about their personal vocational interest patterns, the more satisfied they become with their chosen career choice.

The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory is a state-of-the-art Vocational Interest Inventory that can provide comprehensive interests about one’s-vocational interests compared to large numbers of others in given occupations.

A Rapidly Changing Workforce

Technology is rapidly altering the career environment. There has continued to be an expansion of new career choices. Right now, there are over 8,000 active job titles on job-board websites to consider and the list of new choices is growing daily. This is a confusing morass to most students and many avoiding the issue of how to select a career and how to enter it because without specific guidelines of how to do so effectively, it can be anxiety provoking.

If one delays seeking interest on how to choose a career and how to enter that choice, this can create needless complications and problems later when attempting to make a career choice that is a best fit to none’s personal vocational interests.
In order to effectively focus on selecting an occupation, awareness of a workable plan to refine choices and gain entry into those occupations is very helpful.

The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory can also serve as an entry point to make contact with the actual specific data that is available on all the careers out there, including newly arising ones due to new technology.


An Effective Tool for Counselors

The Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory is an effective tool which can help High School counselors provide their students with comprehensive vocational interest information which can be used:

  • To help students who are directly entering the work force right after graduation learn what jobs out there fit with their vocational interest patterns. This can help them make a more satisfying choice.
  • Using the Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory results to orient the student to the US Government’s excellent career information website O*NET, the counselor can often stimulate personal interest in the student to learn about specific occupations that are out there, what they pay, how to enter them, and what the future is for those occupational opportunities. This actually is important career preparation itself.
  • In this rapidly changing world or work, the Career Liftoff® Interest Inventory offers a sensible, user friendly way to navigate through it when it’s results are applied to the O*NET database.

Group purchasing plans are available from Assessments Associates International (AAI). Specific programs can be designed to meet specific needs of any College or University.

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