By Nathan Page Ph.D.

Who can benefit from completing a career assessment?

The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (CLII) helps match an individual’s pattern of interests with the interest profile of different career fields.  The interest profile of different career fields may be identified by measuring the interests of people in those career fields.  The CLII has been developed by assessing over 100,000 people and matching their interests to different career fields.  Therefore, the CLII helps assure that your pattern of interests is in alignment with the interest attributes of different career and occupational environments.

Completion of the CLII career assessment helps people with both self-exploration and self-understanding.  It assesses what you enjoy doing (your interests and preferences) and provides information on how you fit with different occupational fields and will help you make better informed decisions.  It can point you in the direction of areas of study as well as career fields that you are likely to find enjoyable and satisfying.

There are a wide range of individuals that can benefit from completing the CLII.  This includes:

  1. Students who are exploring career possibilities and creating a short list of Colleges to which they will apply.
  2. College students identifying a College major field of study.
  3. Students exploring and identifying a target career or occupational field.
  4. Individuals expanding their self-understanding and how they may fit with the world of work.
  5. Employees anticipating or undergoing a career change.
  6. Individuals that have been downsized and are searching for outplacement possibilities.
  7. Injured or disabled individuals undergoing rehabilitation counseling.
  8. Individuals working to optimize their effectiveness and career satisfaction by undergoing Executive Coaching.

Additionally, employers may have employees complete the CLII for the following reasons:

  1. Enhancing Employee Retention by enabling employees to enhance their self-understanding and better understand their fit with their current occupation.
  2. Enhancing Career Development within the workforce by enabling employees to better understand their alignment with their current occupation and future career path.
  3. Enhancing Employee Motivation and productivity by enabling employees to map out their own career path.

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