By Nathan Page Ph.D.

Why assess Career Interests?

Career Assessment research over the past 100 years indicates that people in a specific career field tend to have similar interests.  Moreover, individuals in other career fields tend to have a different set of interests.  People gravitate toward those career fields that they find interesting and satisfying.  The CLII leverages this vast body of research to identify the match between an individual’s pattern of interests with the common interests of people in different career fields.

There are many benefits to helping assure that an individual’s interests are in alignment with the interests of people within a career field.  Individuals that choose a college major and career field in alignment with their interests tend to:

  • Have greater satisfaction in their careers.
  • Have higher College Degree completion rates.
  • Have higher Grade Point Averages (GPAs) in their College Major field of study.
  • Find it easier to find jobs after completing college.
  • Are less likely to change careers over the years.
  • Tend to advance faster in their careers.
  • Tend to make more money over their careers.

These high-impact outcomes provide a strong reason for assessing vocational interests and using this information to guide the choice of a College Major and a career field.

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